2018-2019 School Year Registration




Your child is eligible to apply for an EdChoice Scholarship if one of the bullet points below is true:

  • Your child lives in the City of Youngstown and is a public school student or home schooled
  • Your child attends one of the schools on the list of Designated Public Schools.
  • Your child is currently in the public school sector and is assigned to attend one of the schools on the list for the upcoming school year
  • Your child attends a charter school but is assigned to attend a school on the list
  • Your child is home-schooled, has not attended an Ohio school, and is assigned to attend a school on the list


An EdChoice Scholarship totals up to $4,650 for a student in grades K-8. High school student scholarship totals $6,000 for the 2018-19 school year .A student must be eligible at both the time in which they apply and are awarded to receive a scholarship.

For more information on how to apply call the school office at 330-259-0353.

For more details on the scholarship and list of designated public schools see the link below.

More EdChoice information click here.

Ohio Dept. of Education EdChoice Website click here

Ohio School Choice Information: http://www.scohio.org/school-options/choose-school-options/private-school/ohioscholarships/scholarship.html