Grade 5a–Mrs. Kathy Totani


Class Rules


Respect Other’s Right To Learn

1. When the teacher is talking, you will remain quiet and listen.

2. You need to remain quiet in the hallway so that you do not disturb other classes.                           There will be NO talking.

Treat Other’s The Way You Would Want To Be Treated

1. Be respectful to other people. Be kind to everyone.

2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3. Respect other’s property.

Be Prepared

1. Follow directions the first time and stay in seat.

2. Come to class prepared every day. Bring your books, pencils and your homework.

3. If you were absent, please check your “Absent Work” folder.

4. If you do not understand something, please talk to a classmate or myself. We are all here to help one another.



Grade 5 Science: We are learning about different tools that scientists use to make observations and to measure things like mass, volume, length, temperature, time, and force. We will also be learning about the different type of investigations that scientists perform.

Grade 6 Science: The sixth grade science class is finishing a lesson on the 3 branches of science, how science is based on empirical evidence, and the different types of investigations scientists perform.

Grade 7 & 8 Science: The seventh and eighth grade classes are studying the different types of investigations scientists perform. They are learning about the different parts of an investigation (hypothesis, independent variables, dependent variables, and controls).

Grade 5A spelling Week 9/11- 9/15


  1. sign
  2. groan
  3. reply
  4. thrown
  5. strike
  6. mighty
  7. stroll
  8. compose
  9. dough
  10. height
  11. excite
  12. apply
  13. slight
  14. define
  15. odor
  16. spider
  17. control
  18. silent
  19. brighten
  20. approach