Students have the opportunity to participate in the following sports:

Gr. 7-8
Girls: Track
Boys: Football (part of Youngstown Catholic team), Basketball, Track

Gr. K-8
Girls and Boys: Cross Country


A student in grades 7 & 8 is ineligible to participate in athletics if he/she:

  • Shows a lack of effort in academic areas and fails to turn in assignments
  • Receives “U” in conduct
  • Exhibits an attitude not in line with school philosophy

Students who are doing unsatisfactory work as indicated in the guidelines above will be ineligible to participate in any practices, games, tournaments, or other competition for one week, Monday-the following Sunday. If insufficient improvement is shown, the restriction continues into the next week.
When a student is ineligible, the President will inform the Athletic Director who will notify the coaches.

7th & 8th Grade Basketball 2017-18 Schedule

11/27 vs Holy Family 8, 7:30 pm @ St. Charles
12/4 vs St. Nicholas 8, 7:00 pm @ St. Nicholas
12/9 vs St. Christine 8, 12:00 pm @ Home
12/11 vs JFK 8, 5:30 pm @ St. Nicholas
12/17 vs St. Charles 8, 3:00 pm @ JFK UC
1/6 vs St. Rose 8, 12:00 pm @ Home
1/14 vs Holy Family 8, 1:00 pm @ Mooney
1/27 vs St. Nicholas 8, 2:00 pm @ St. Charles
1/29 vs Holy Family 8, 6:30 pm @ St. Rose
2/3 vs JFK 8, 12:00 pm @ St. Nicholas
2/12 vs St. Rose 8, 5:30 pm @ Home



Grade 5-6 Boys Basketball on January 11, 2017:

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Diocesan Div. 1 Champs

 The St. Joseph the Provider 7th and 8th grade basketball team was undefeated this year with a 19-0 record.  We worked very hard all year on the fundamental skills of the game as well as instilling the importance of teamwork.  The resilience of the boys in the face of challenging teams was impressive.  Deciding to enter the upper 8th grade division in the tournament, we defeated St. Rose in the first round.  Next they faced St. Christine’s on their home court and were able to win in a thrilling overtime victory.  The final game of the season was against St. Charles.  We narrowly held the lead for most of the game until St. Charles came out strong in the third quarter.  Both teams battled ferociously back and forth and St. Charles had a two point lead late in the fourth quarter.  Bringing the ba